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We deliver the Empty box to you, (or you Pick up at store or at agent).

When You have fill up your box and ready to send it, You contact Your AGENT to pick up the box, or Us.

We collecting boxes and bring to our storage, 
When there is enough boxes to ship we order a container that we load the boxes into.

The freight company bring the container to the port and load onto the ship.

When the ship arrive in Manila the 
ship get unloaded and customs have to clear the container before our forwarder can bring the container to there warehouse.

They unload and sort the boxes for different parts of The Philippines.

Boxes to Manila and surrounding areas will be delivered asap.

Boxes to Cebu / Mindanao and so on will be transported and loaded onto ships. 

As balikbayan boxes is a cheap way to send items, it will be transported by land and sea,,,Not by air.

NO ONE can tell WHEN your box will arrive at finale destination as ship may take 1 or 2 day longer than usual or sometimes

1 or 2 days Earlier. 

Next hold up is the CUSTOMS.... They work as fast they want....

The weather play a roll into the deliver time also... 

Another problem can be the Address...if not written clearly and or PHONE number is wrong or missing it takes time for the forwarder / agent to sort it out.

We do tell customers ESTIMATE time for container to ARRIVE in Manila... 


If you travel to the Philippines and want your box there wen you visit family / friends...Make sure you send the box not wait to last minute !!!!

We do our best to please as many we can, sadly we cant please everyone.


as shipment are subject to delays...

If you have any Questions We will do our best to answer you.

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