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As the boxes is made out of cardboard it is important that You pack and tape up the box as best you can.

Pack the box the same way you would pack your suitcase when flying.  No fragile items at the walls,  and wrap them in a towel or bubble wrap.

You are welcome to add extra cardboard or other material to INSIDE of the box to make it stronger.

If you send items like Shampoo or similar tape them so lid doesn't can come open if pressure on bottle.

Good thing to is put in zip bag  also.

Be aware of the time it may take before your box arrive to the receiver, so check best before dates on any food.

We do our best to send your box as soon as we can, but we have no control over CUSTOMS in the Philippines or the WEATHER . 

We send the boxes by the booking list so if container is fully booked we do inform you before we collect the box, however if you agree we collect and your box will be shipped in next container.

We send a container about every 6 week.

If you plan a holiday and want your box when you are there, contact us for best shipping not wait to last minute as the box maybe doesn't arrive when you are there...  


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